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Lumicel Animation Studios is looking for creative story writer to join our team for developing 2D animation web and tv series

TV animation has never been more popular. The longest running scripted show in television history is animated (The Simpsons, 27 years and counting). Numerous popular animated TV shows are broadcast and distributed today via a variety of media outlets targeting audiences of all ages and tastes, from young to mature, from educational to action-packed to comedic to adults only. At Lumicel Animation Studios, we're developing more than 10 original animated series for kids and broadcasting in Youtube, TV Channels, Streaming platforms

Get ready, because we have awesome animated series in development and we need excellent story tellers. Our team is fun to work with and passionate about animation content production!


  • Write Story-lines for episodes
  • Develop story scripts which appeals to young audience
  • Develop unforgettable 3-dimensional characters
  • Create fresh takes on well-trod storytelling arenas
  • Structure and create winning animation stories
  • Writing to assist voice actors, storyboard artists, and animators in making their jobs easier to do
  • Lead the team and ensuring episodes are shipped on time
  • Other related tasks as required


  • Prior Experience in story and create writing
  • Degree in Writing or English Literature or Journalism or Visual Communication
  • Writers looking to try their hand at crafting a TV animation script
  • Writers seeking ways to break into the TV animation industry
  • Writers who think they have a great idea for an animated TV series
  • Writers who have written a spec animation script and are seeking ways to make it more sellable
  • Anyone seeking inspiration and tools to supercharge their writing
  • Drive, determination and creative problem-solving skills
  • Effective and professional communication skills
  • Strong ability to organize and prioritize


To an ideal candidate, we will offer a competitive salary, challenging animation projects and growth opportunity in a very skilled and highly motivated team

Hurry and send your resume and showreel to:

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