Job Details & How to Apply

Lumicel Animation Studios is hiring talented and experienced 2D Digital Animators (Multiple Positions & Entry/Junior/Mid-range/Senior levels) for animating international television series. You will have a unique opportunity to work and get trained with animation experts and trainers from Canada and France in our studio.

Skills and Essential Job Responsibilities

  • 0-12 years experience as 2D animator and/ animation rigger
  • Degree/Diploma from a recognized animation school or institute
  • Excellent proficiency in Adobe Flash Animate or CC is required
  • An impeccable understanding of the animation principles; Staging, Exaggeration, Solid Drawing & Appeal, Shape & Form, Line of Action & Silhouette, Action & Reaction, Tension, Beat & Rhythm, Straights & Curves, Volume & Perspective, etc
  • Paying close attention to hookups, character personalities, staging, solid drawing, and appropriate acting choices. Creating all the main poses for your scenes at the highest quality possible will be your objective
  • You must have a strong sense of timing, with effective time management skills and excellent character draftsmanship
  • Strong understanding of motion, weight, emotion, and acting, with an emphasis on clear storytelling
  • Must have 2D character animation experience for television, and/or an impressive demo reel
  • Meet production milestones and deadlines and motivate your team to do the same
  • Strong ability to organize and prioritize
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet production deadlines
  • Experience working in a reputed 2D animation studio and international animation series
  • Drive, determination and creative problem-solving skills
  • Strong work ethic, communication skills, and an excellent team player

Multiple Positions and experience levels open for hire:

  • Senior-level Animator: At least 6+ years of work experience producing high-quality animation for Television Animation Series
  • 8+ years’ experience animating in a 2D production environment
  • Mid-level Animator: At least 3-4+ years of work experience producing high-quality animation for Television Animation Series
  • Junior Animators: At least 1-2+ years of work experience
  • Trainee/Entry level Animators: Digital Drawing skills or artistic talent (we will train you to become a world-class animator)
  • Will consider highly talented artist/freshers/0 yrs experience with 2D drawing or animation tools skills as trainees
  • Strong ability to organize and prioritize


To an ideal candidate, we will offer a competitive salary, challenging animation projects and growth opportunity in a very skilled and highly motivated team.

Hurry and send your resume and showreel to:

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